Our current Lakonía Greek Products labels are printed and handcrafted in Maine.

Our packaging has come a long way since our humble beginnings, and we are extremely proud of our labels, which have been through many stages to get to their current level of class and professionalism. Initially, we started out with colorful designs depicting our olive groves and the beautiful scenic coast of Lakonía. We quickly changed this design because it was too busy, and placed too much emphasis on the beauty of our olive groves, instead of on the quality of our products. From that point, we decided that we needed something bolder, cleaner, and closer to our Greek roots.

Julie Anna Kramer, our graphic designer, began researching Greek art and artifacts, and stumbled upon a photograph of a famous vase, named the Euphronios Krater, which was fashioned by Euxitheos and painted by Euphronios in 515 B.C (See photo below).  Inspired  by the floral designs at the top of this beautiful vase, Julie developed a new design which is very similar to the label design we use today. At this point in time, we were just developing the idea for the business, and did not yet have the resources to print full color labels. So we decided to take our high level of product craftsmanship to the next level by converting this design to black and white, and turning our label into a stamp. We then used the stamp, along with a special ink pad and gold powder to hand emboss each and every Lakonía label. (See photo below)

As you can imagine, as our business grew this became quite impractical, and eventually we switched over to a raised ink self adhesive food label. Although our product labels are not individually made with care  anymore, we can fully assure you that all of our products are, always have been, and always will be! Here at Lakonía Greek Products, we keep our goals in sight at all times, and one of the most important is to bring our customers the highest-quality, and most authentic Greek products available.


Euphronios krater, which was fashioned by Euxitheos and painted by Euphronios in 515 B.C.

The floral design on the top of this piece inspired Lakonía's packing design.


The above photo shows the embossing technique we used to handcraft our labels in our early years.