Our Koroneiki Variety

DÁFNI Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a single variety produced from the legendary Koroneiki tree which is native to Lakonía, Greece. These trees have survived since ancient times, producing one of the world’s highest quality olive oil. Some of the trees on our farm are hundreds of years old, andare still productive. The variety originated in Crete over 5000 years ago. The particular taste, aroma, and rich composition of Koroneiki oil is very unique and special. They produce glowing golden-green color oil, which is highly acclaimed for its fresh fruity aroma, and rich peppery taste. The Koroneiki olive has a very high content of oleic acid and polyphenols making the oil very stable with superb health benefits. The oil’s therapeutic properties have been well documented. The shelf life for Koroneiki olive oil is also exceptionally long compared to other varieties.


The Olive Magazine calls the Cretian cultivators such as Koroneiki, “among the best in the world.”

The chemical characteristics of Koroneiki oil are excellent. This cultivar is suitable for an early, excellent, premium olive oil. The Koroneiki olive has one of the highest oil contents (20-30% oil), yet it is very small and difficult to cultivate. The overall yield of oil per tree is still a lot lower, but its return is exceptional quality. The common production of olive oil per tree is 10 lt, while the Koroneiki variety produces only 1-3 lt of the purest gold-green juice. On average, the acidity of its extra virgin olive oil is a low .4%, and Dáfni consistently tests lower. Pressing, timeliness, and hygiene are of the utmost importance when processing these olives. They should be handpicked when they are about to ripen, and brought directly to the mill. We never blend other varieties with our Koroneiki, so you will truly experience its unique characteristics of brilliant flavor and aroma.

The Koroneiki tree has short and narrow elliptical shaped leaves. The olives are small and oval, usually weighing about .3-2 grams, and 12 to 15millimeters in length. They mature from early October to the beginning of January. These trees will start producing two to three years after planting and thrive in warmer, more humid environments then other varieties. They are also more resistant to insects and droughts. Our location on the southern tip of the Peloponnese has optimal growing conditions for the Koroneiki, producing a single variety that is unforgettable.