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How to Find the Best HVAC Company

If you’ve ever gone into a home and heard the contractor alarm bells ring, then you are probably already aware that it’s time to find an HVAC company. Unfortunately, when you go into a home and don’t know what all is wrong with the air conditioning or heating systems, your first inclination may be to schedule an appointment with the company you’ve chosen. But, if you’re like most people, the first impression of an HVAC company is bad. In fact, by choosing randomly, you’re more likely to get the opposite reaction than good!

To get the best result when hiring HVAC technicians, you need to do some background research. First of all, you need to think about whether you have a large building or just a little one. Large buildings may require more advanced repair and maintenance work. A small business with a single air conditioning unit and furnace may be able to manage routine maintenance and repairs on its own.

Next, check out your heating and cooling system. Are you currently serviced by a professional HVAC contractor? If not, then you should consider hiring one. If you’re serviced regularly, consider getting a referral from your current HVAC contractor. Getting a recommendation for a service contractor can save you a lot of money down the road, and a referral isn’t hard to get!

What kind of technician do you want to hire? Most HVAC technicians are qualified to work in both the mechanical and electrical fields, but there are three main types of HVAC technicians that you should consider hiring. There are the certified HVAC technician, the non-certified HVAC technician, and the EPA type of HVAC technician. The certified technician will have completed an apprenticeship program, and most states require this technician to pass an exam. If your state does not require the exam, then the non-certified HVAC technician will be fine.

The third type of HVAC technician is the EPA type. These HVAC technicians are trained specifically to repair and diagnose electrical and heating systems. Epa technicians have been accredited through the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NEMA). Although some states, such as Illinois, require license applicants to obtain certification, most others do not.

If you’re looking for a heating and cooling contractor, ask potential contractors about their experience. Most companies list a few years on their website but do not specify how many actual installations they have completed. Ask if the contractors you’re considering have ever worked with a building they repair or diagnose for a company other than themselves.

Another question to consider when looking for HVAC contractors is whether the company hires its own heating and air conditioning technicians or subcontracts them. Contractors that use their own technicians often charge more because they do not have to pay the association fees. Contractors that subcontract their technicians, however, are less likely to hire non-licensed technicians who charge less. If you have an existing heating or cooling system, talk to the HVAC contractor to find out if he or she would be willing to install it under your supervision. Most HVAC contractors are very happy to do this.

When choosing an HVAC contractor, make sure that you choose someone with experience in installing both heating and cooling systems. Your HVAC contractor should be willing to give you a written estimate for the work to be performed. Hiring a contractor with experience can ensure that your HVAC system is installed correctly the first time and that the system will last longer. Visit consumer review websites to read online reviews and learn more about the reputation of different HVAC contractors.