What Makes DÁFNI Exceptional!

On the sunny, rocky coast of the Mediterranean lies our family olive grove in Lakonía, Greece…

It is blessed with optimal climatic and environmental conditions that produce the highest quality olive oil.

Olive oil and olives have been an integral part of the Greek culture and diet for thousands of years, and we are dedicated to keeping the tradition alive.

We take exceptional pride in the cultivation of our olive trees and the production of our olive oil. In preparation for harvest, we carefully monitor and nurture our trees throughout the year.

Expertise and care go into the creation of DÁFNI Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Each step of the production process is critical to create oil with superior taste, aroma, color, and low acidity.

Our family is involved in every step of the process, from handpicking our olives to crafting the finished product.

While DÁFNI is an import, we bottle all of our olive oil locally in Saco, Maine. This is done in small batches for optimal freshness and quality.

We treasure our experience with family and friends who all share a deep passion for our liquid gold.

We would now like to share this well kept secret with you!

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