DÁFNI December 2017 harvest - Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The aroma of this harvest contains a mix of both green and ripe olive fruit characteristics described as nutty, grassy, fruity, and buttery with a hint of artichoke. It’s pleasantly smooth and rustic up front with a pepper finish moments after you swallow. It's considered medium on the mild to robust scale. This oil complements onion, citrus, and garlic flavors exquisitely. Great to drizzle over salads, steamed vegetables, seafood, poultry, stir-fry, pasta, potatoes, and sandwiches. Infuse this oil with your desired herbs for bread dipping, dressings and marinades.



DÁFNI 2017 Harvest

250 mL (8.45 oz.)



DÁFNI 2017 Harvest

375 mL (12.68 oz.)