Cold Extracted    

DÁFNI Olive Oil is produced at our local mill in Gythio, Greece. The oil is extracted by mechanical means only, without chemical treatment. Our mill has modern malaxation tanks to ensure that the paste is enclosed with minimal air contact. Many companies claim that they press their olives the old-fashioned way, with a stone wheel and hydraulic press. This method results in greater air exposure of the olive paste which diminishes oil quality. The temperature of our malaxation and extraction process is kept below 27°C (80°F), qualifying it as cold-extracted. This is crucial to the quality of the olive oil. High temperatures increase oil oxidation and diminish the oil’s natural flavor and aroma. Essential vitamins, polyphenols, and other anti-oxidants are also lost. Many companies use heat to maximize the amount of oil extracted but at the high cost of accelerated oxidation. Temperature is a critical element in the production process, and DÁFNI is always cold-extracted.